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Sep 23 1139(no subject)

omg hey good morning!!!!

let me direct you to:

let this be the official discussion page
Apr 03 1034 - needlez
The woman I clean for is paying for my first acupuncture session.
Has anyone tried it? did you like it? was it effective?
someone top this urban legend; and no pop rocks & coke bullshit. i ain't tryin' to hear that.

there's a babysitter watching two children for her neighbors while they're away on vacation for a week. everything's going fine, but each night the kids complain that the clown statue in their room is staring at them while they sleep. they keep complaining every night, so the babysitter calls up the mom and tells them that the statue is creeping the kids out. the mom tells her that they don't have any statue and to get the kids out of the house. it turns out that an escaped weirdo had been living in their house for a week.
Dec 23 0953(no subject)
Can we talk about jeans? Denim? I have an obsession. Really, I do. It's what I spend most of my spending money on. Soo I say post pictures of your fave pairs of jeans and tell us why you love them. Or post your entire collection if you're obsessed like myself. OR if you're really lazy just link me to or talk about your fave jeans and blah blah.

I'll post my collection once you guys get started.
Oct 21 0929(no subject)
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Sep 12 0104 - First Post!
Team Fresh
Hey everyone, this is my first post here. I must say that I LOVE this community & I actually look forward to checking my LJ multiple times a day to read all these posts. So my question for you gals is, what are your favorite livejournal communities (other then Sassy & Slutty)? I feel like I dont have nearly enough of them on my friends list & waaay too much time at work I spend doing next to nothing!
Sep 11 0734(no subject)
Hi ladies

I haven't had internet for three weeks but now I'm back. and my first question:

is anyone in here in law school?

if so, where do you go? what are you specializing in? is it super hard? I am a college senior and considering it for the (distant) future.  i want to do an internship next semester through vermont family court.  so if you want to practice family law then tell me about it!
Sep 11 1030(no subject)
Baby Bear

Sep 11 1044(no subject)
instructional videos

post your favorite!

mine right now:

And in case you didn't know, and have been absolutely DYING to find out as I clearly have...

"Superman That Hoe":
A male cums on some hoe's back & when the said subject lays back,the sheets stick to her back therefore doubling as a cape.
(Lyric By Soulja Boy in "Crank Dat")

Please enlighten me with your favorite definition from, so we can all get a little LOL action up in here!
Sep 10 0305(no subject)
giraffe mm
Can we please take a moment to depreciate horrendous work uniforms? I work at Busch Gardens in Tampa and I don't think I've ever felt like such a goofy fatfat in my entire life hahahah. So show me what you have to wear to work!
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(sorry for the awkward position, I was trying really hard to get into my self timer! :[)

Oh, and that shiny stuff on my arm does ACTUALLY shine. So people can see me at night.
Sep 09 0905(no subject)
Wow. Brit sucked. Opinions?

It was so...slow. She looked so not excited to be up there. And she she looked embarassed and nervous.

We had such faith Brit. :(

editt: chris brown was all kinds of amazing and i really love that justin timberlake was all PLAY MORE VIDEOS NO MORE REALITY TV while the hill's girls were onstage.
Sep 08 0503(no subject)
Does anyone have the Entourage season finale to send to me? I don't have HBO at school :(
Sep 08 0105(no subject)
hahahaha i am SOOO AWKWARD with guys! seriously what the hell who else is this awkward around guys. i just got a text from a guy saying i was cute and i like ran around my room like HEHEHE OHMAHGAWD and now i cant bring myself to say anything back. GAH
tell me about your awkward guy stories! i need something to laugh at!

ugghghh he just asked me what i was doing today and im gonna like pee my pants. im seriously in 6th grade

EDIT even if no one cares hahah weve been texting like all day and he is adorable and dorky and i think were gonna kick it next weekenddddddd yeeee
Sep 08 0239 - ~body wave perms~
My hair is naturally not wavy or straight... it's somewhere in between. A bad somewhere. It gets wavy if I don't brush it after I shower but that makes it look kind of ... ratty?

So, who has had a body wave? Do you love it or hate it? Advice? I really don't want to end up with this:

Pictures pleeeease!

my fucking weekend just shit the bed.

my car died a few weeks ago, and i got another but it needs things replaced on it before it's good to go so my oma said i can borrow her car[99 honda civic] while she's in holland until mine gets out of the shop. so i got out to my oma's car this morning, open the trunk to get a bottle of propel that i bought yesterday, and it's gone. i look at the trunk closely, and the sturdy cover that covers the spare tire was lifted. the spare tire was gone! i close the trunk and look inside the car and the glovebox was all over the front of the car. they pulled one of the back windows open and unlocked the car, so at least I KNOW I LOCKED THE CAR. all in all they took $300 in cash that i was going to deposit this morning from the glove box, my oma's cd collection which consisted of pavarotti and frank sinatra, a brand new 12 pack of propel from wal-mart, the spare tire, and my bag of school books in the trunk with two note books, pens, and my ti83 graphing calculator. they left behind my oma's cell charger AND my monster fm transmitter/charger for my ipod[THANK GOD] on the ground by the car. they also left behind my marc by marc jacobs sunglasses HA STUPID ASSHOLES.
the really bad part is that i'm not on my oma's insurance so i cannot report ANYTHING.
BUT THE COP THAT CAME WAS TOTALLY CUTE. tall and broad and had a shaved head and he looked kinda like that guy on that show on tnt. there's an explosion in the background on the commercial. couldn't tell you what the show is called though. he had this awesome scar on his head too.

STUPID ASSHOLES. this is the second time that one of our cars has been broken into and we don't even live in the city! none of this should be happening in towson. i do not get it at all. :[

has your car ever been broken into?
Sep 08 0914(no subject)
I swear there was a post similar to this just a bit ago but I can't find it, so help me out:

Tell me your favorite movies that I could find at Hollywood Video, to rent. I'm really bored today and recovering from a mean case of food poisoning ( :( yeah, it sucked really bad).

So what are your favorite movies and what are they about?!
Sep 08 0824(no subject)
i posted this in my LJ two days ago when i meant to post it here. oops.

if you could only choose one, would you rather be safe or happy? and why?
if you were a parent and could only choose one for your kids, would you rather they be safe or happy?
Sep 07 0927(no subject)

i saw this movie last weekend and boy, i was surprised. i enjoyed it so much!

please appreciate/share any movie that you were weary of -only to be happy to have watched it when it was through.
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